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Online Tarot Reading

Languages: English - Spanish - Italian - Portuguese.

You can pay the requested service via Bank Transfer or PayPal (PayPal has a €2,- extra charge for the service), please send us your payment's capture screen via WhatsApp and we will reply as soon as possible to book your appoitment  . The service is provided via FaceTime or WhatsApp Videocall. You dont need to tell us anything before the session, Vanina will start with the talking and then you may pour further questions you may have.

Astral Charts Interpretation 



Astrology clarifies our place in the universe; it reminds and connects us with an order that is greater than our own personal understanding. Visiting an astrologer is a commitment to self-knowledge and personal empowerment. Working with planets as symbols and systems of energy, we can discover deep transformative insights about who we are, how our life reflects that, and how to change. Astrology enhances our understanding of ourselves and our life experiences.

Inititating any astrological consultation depends on an accurate birth chart. In order to provide you with accurate services, I will need your date of birth, City and State of birth, and most importantly an accurate birth time. Accurate birth times can be found on birth certificates, baby books, family bibles, or by contacting the Department of Vital Statistics for the county seat of the state where you were born. Once you have that information calling or emailing for an appointment goes more smoothly. All appointments, except those indicated, are one hour in length, and tape recorded in person or over the phone for you.

We request fifteen days before sending you your Astral Chart report recorded in MP3 files in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or English. It consist in 9 to 14 tracks of 20-28 minutes each. The amount of trackings depends on the complexity of your Radix Interpretation.