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Astro Algemeen Consult


Astro Algemeen Consult bestaat uit: 

• 2 uur Astro Susteren Consult, je horoscoopuitleg met de belangrijkste thema’s die een rol spelen in jou leven en kan indien gewenst worden opgenomen op Mp3-bestand (af te spelen met o.a Windows Media Player). Je kunt het dus thuis op je gemak naluisteren. 

• Plus direct de uitkomst, van je blauwdruk, persoonlijkheidsprofiel, levensdoel en (loopbaan)advies. Met praktische handvatten waarmee je concreet aan de slag kunt om je doel te realiseren. Want wie weet wat zijn doel is, heeft meer succes in dat te bereiken. 

In de centraal gelegen praktijk in Susteren ben je natuurlijk van harte welkom. De consulten en coaching worden gegeven in de praktijk of via Zoom en hebben een informeel karakter. 

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For English Speakers: 

Astrology is not just predictive; it's also productive.

Astrology is an activity based on the principle of Unus Mundus - the Universe as Unity. Everything - from atom to galaxy - is rooted in the same universal and all-pervasive reality. And this reality reveals itself in the purposeful, ordered and meaningful processes of nature, as well as in the deepest recesses of the human mind and spirit. 'As above - so below'. Anything happening in one part of the system gets mirrored in a self-similar way everywhere else.

Quantum Physics tells us that the very act of observing something changes it. And the Butterfly Effect of Chaos Theory shows how even the tiniest flap of a wing can eventually produce a hurricane. Upon examining my own life, I can see how the slightest shifts of direction have led me down some very divergent paths and presented me with infinitely strange and beautiful experiences. But the most satisfying and successful of these experiences have come when I was going with the flow of time and determinism.

The Universe, being the accommodating creature that she is, will provide confirmation of almost any paradigm we adopt. Mental events (perception) and acts of free will carry with them pure information which is transmitted instantly throughout the material world. To this extent, we live in an observer-created reality. Something out there (the Great Organizing Dynamic, as some have called it) responds to what we believe about ourselves and our world. From this standpoint, you are a channel, a vehicle, an agency, an instrument, a representative. And your birth chart may best be described as an output program - an indication of what should be flowing into manifestation through you. Although I might speak of 'my' horoscope, in a very practical sense, it does not belong to me - rather I belong to it. As do all the other entities, animate and inanimate, that came into being at about the same time and place. Cosmic Powers, if indeed there are such things, appear to use me and what I have to offer, and not the other way 'round.

You will not get the best out of your birth chart unless you become a go-between worthy of relaying the best. Concentrate first on construction and creativity, and use astrology to define the possibilities as you go along. In the fractal logic of astrology, each planet, sign and house is a self-similar unity complete with its own rewards. For example, you may have transiting Jupiter conjunct your natal Sun. The usual interpretation of this aspect is one of increased vitality, luck and optimism. In reality however this may or may not happen, because the promise of a Jupiter-Sun contact cannot happen without the proper conditions first being in place. And only you can put them there. By adopting an out-going attitude, by exploring new dimensions, by playing with ideas rather than holding rigidly to one static model, you put yourself into the Jupiter mode. By opening up to the Universe in this way, you actually invite luck into your life, and create a positive feedback loop of openness and optimism, which attracts more of the same.

Lastly, there is no 'one and only' reading of the birth chart. The symbols of your horoscope change as your life changes - they mean one thing in the life of a youngster, and quite another in middle age. The mystery of the astrological symbols, and part of their beauty, is that they are flexible enough to be relevant and fixed enough to be meaningful, allowing you to approach your horoscope again and again with questions about past, present and future concerns.

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I finished my Astrology training 9 years ago. I am currently an Astrology Teacher, focused on the Psychological Astrology.