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Flower Essence Therapy

Flower essences stimulate the healing of emotional and persistent repressed mental or emotional conflicts. They enable us to become more positive, open-minded and vital so that we can reach our full potential. 

Flower essences have been used for generations dating back to ancient times and were known then to be able to unlock the inner wisdom.

Emotional and negative experiences in our lives have a consequence to the physical body. Research is now proving that our emotions can cause several diseases and continually obstruct our fulfillment in life.

Medical science now recognizes that stress and negative mind states can alter body chemistry and create physical diseases. Traditional Chinese Medicine acknowledged centuries ago that the correlation of emotions undermines different bodily organs and if not dealt with would cause symptoms of disease. 

With the use of Flower Essences the healing of the physical, mental and spiritual body is addressed gently, yet definitively. 

Flower essences help bring about emotional balance and unblock negative, destructive thought patterns. 

Flower Essences can be included into your daily life, used for acute conditions, stress, anxiety, fear etc.

They are beneficial in the treatment of children, adults, pets and even plants with no contraindications! 

One of our popular flower essence remedy ranges that we may prescribe for you is the Bach Flower 
Essences. For more information please view Bach Flower Therapy, Australian Bush Flower Essences and Pegasus System.

Our Health & Lifestyle Package includes a flower essence, which is individually designed and created for you, to help support your health and well-being in conjunction with homeopathic, herbal remedies and a healthy lifestyle.

Finding a reliable practitioner

You need to make sure that you find a reliable practitioner. Essence therapists can join several associations. It is best to 

  • Contact the Bach Centre to check the actual Registered Practitioners List.
  • Ask them if they’ve worked with cancer patients before.
  • Ask the Australian Bush Flower Essences to get information about practitioners.

    All therapists must have a code of conduct and have continual professional development. 

    Bach Flowers

    Initial Consultation with Bach Flowers: 1h30' - €65,00

    • Biological Rhythm

    • Appropiate Vitamin Reccomendations

    • Treatment Course of Action

    Follow-Up Consultations for Bach Flowers or other treatments: 1 hour - €55,00

    Flower Essences Frequently Asked Questions

    What are flower essences?
    Are there any harmful effects from flower essences?
    How do flower essences work?
    Do I need to be on a special diet, or to be meditating to use flower essences?
    How do I use flower essences?
    Can I take flower essences if I am on medication?
    Can I use more than one essence at a time?
    How can I use flower essences if I am alcohol sensitive?
    How do I choose flower essences?
    How will I know if they are working?
    Is every flower remedy equally effective for me?
    When can I expect to note such changes?
    Will flower essences make me feel better?
    How are flower essences different from homeopathic or herbal products?
    Can flower essences cure physical illness?
    How do you know that flower essences have the effects that are claimed for them?
    What if my condition is really serious?
    How are flower essences administered?
    How do I store my flower essences?



    What are flower essences?

    Flower essences are herbal infusions or decoctions, made from the flowering part of the plant, which uniquely address emotional and mental aspects of wellness. The first 38 flower remedies were formulated by a British physician, Dr Edward Bach, in the 1930's, although new remedies from other plant species are now available.


    Are there any harmful effects from flower essences? Can I overdose?

    Flower essences contain only minute traces of actual physical substance; they are primarily vibration in nature, as are homeopathic remedies. This means that they are non-toxic and one cannot overdose on them, unless one were to drink a huge quantity of them and be effected by the alcohol which is used as a preservative.

    How do flower essences work?

    To understand how flower essences work requires the acknowledgement that the human being is more than a physical body, incorporating a "body" of life energy, a "body" of sensitivity and feelings, and a spiritual essence or Self. Flower essences are energetic imprints of the life force of plants which interact with these subtle bodies of the human being, and evoke specific qualities within us. We can say that they work in a similar way to inspirational music or art, which carry meaning through the vehicle of sound or light, while the flower essences work through the medium of water.
    Modern physics has known for nearly a century that matter and consciousness are intertwined. However, medical science still generally works with a nineteenth century model of the human being as a mechanism in a world of machines. We expect that in the coming century medical science will develop ways of studying the impact of consciousness on health, and we will learn more about the ways in which flower essences work. However, empirical research, which consists of the collection of case studies and practitioner reports, will remain the primary source of knowledge about how flower essences work.

    Do I need to be on a special   diet, or to be meditating to use flower essences?

    Flower essences work best when one is sensitive and open to their effects. However, there are no special requirements to use flower essences other than a willingness to try them. People from a wide range of backgrounds and lifestyles have had excellent results with flower essences. Many people using flower essences report that they become more aware of their diet and develop a desire for a quiet time of meditation or contemplation as a result of using the essences.

    How do I use flower essences?

    They are typically taken orally from a dropper bottle; the standard dosage is four drops four times daily. You can take the drops directly from stock bottles available in stores; mix them in a glass of water; or make a dosage bottle by mixing several drops with water and brandy (typically 1/4 ounce) in a one ounce dropper bottle. When mixing in a dosage bottle or glass of water, take two drops from each essence selected. There are many others ways of using them, such as in misting sprayers, in a cream base, or in baths.

    Can I take flower essences if I am on medication? Can I use them to get off my medication?

    Flower essences can be very helpful for people who are taking prescribed medication for both physical and emotional ailments. To the extent that the medication dulls consciousness, the essences may take longer to take effect, or for their effects to be noticed. Many people taking psychiatric drugs are able to taper down or gradually eliminate their medications by using flower essences. It is important for anyone taking prescribed medications to have their condition professionally monitored, and not to attempt the discontinue medication without medical supervision.

    Can I use more than one essence at a time?

    Several flower essences can be taken together, mixed in a dosage bottle or glass of water. In making a combination, it is important to consider how the essences work together, as well as the appropriateness of each essence in the combination. It is best to limit the number of essences taken at any one time to three to five unless you are working with a skilled practitioner.

    How can I use flower   essences if I am alcohol sensitive?

    Flower essences are usually sold at the stock level. The stock contains brandy as a preservative, but this stock is typically diluted into a dosage bottle before taken orally. Dilution methods insure that any alcohol ingested is chemically and physiologically insignificant, approximately one part in 600 when diluted in a one-ounce (30 ml) dosage bottle, or  one part in 4,800 in an eight-ounce glass of water. This is less than one hundredth of one percent. Greater amounts of alcohol naturally occur in the human bloodstream through the process of digestion and fermentation of food.
    Many recovering alcoholics and other alcohol-sensitive persons have benefited greatly from the use of flower essences.  
    All of the following methods have been reported to be effective strategies for alcohol-sensitive people:
    1. Add two to four drops of stock in a large glass of fresh water, stir and sip slowly.
    2. Add stock essences to a one-ounce dosage bottle, but fill it 1/3 full of apple cider vinegar as preservative, instead of brandy.
    3. Add stock essences in a one ounce dosage bottle, filled 1/2 full with vegetable glycerine. Vegetable glycerine is a derivative of coconut oil; it has a sweet taste and is used extensively to preserve herbal preparations.
    4. Add stock essences to a dosage bottle and use no preservative if it is refrigerated, or used in a short period of time (several days to a week).
    5. The flower essences are very beneficial when applied topically from the stock bottle in a variety of non-oral ways, including misting around the body, direct application to pulse points or energy centres on the body, mixed in creams or added to baths.
    How do I choose flower essences? How do I decide which mental or emotional issues are in the most need of assistance?

    The best way to get involved in choosing flower essences is to read some basic literature on the topic. The next step is to decide which mental and emotional issues are most important for your health and growth. Based on your choice, you then select the essence or essences which correspond with these issues.
    You may also wish to talk with a friend or counsellor, or use an assessment questionnaire or repertory to help you sort through the many possible choices for flower essences. If you are just getting started, it is good practice to choose for your most basic and obvious priorities.

    How will I know if they are working?

    Unlike chemical drugs which suppress symptoms, flower essences are catalysts for emotional change, and work by stimulating awareness. Many people report general but discernible differences with essences. They may feel clearer, calmer, or better able to cope. However, in order to note really specific changes with flower essences you will need some way of objectively observing your emotional and mental states. You may wish to keep a journal, discuss your issues regularly with a friend or counsellor, or take note of your dreams and other inner events. Often it is the comments of others close to us which first alerts us to changes taking place.
    Becoming aware of inner changes may take some practice. With physical experiences, we know how to focus our awareness on a problem or pain. For example, the pain is not just in my leg, but mostly in my foot, or precisely in my left foot; it's a throbbing pain that is worse at night or in cold weather. In a similar way, we can learn to be more precisely aware of our emotions and thoughts by a conscious program of self-observation and reflection.

    What if I don't notice any changes at all? Is every flower remedy equally effective for me?

    Flower essences work by a principle of resonance. They will be most effective and noticeable when they actually match the core mental or emotional challenges you face. If you are addressing only surface symptoms or fleeting feelings, you may not notice much impact from the flower essences.


    When can I expect to note such changes? How long do essences last?

    A one-ounce (30 ml) dosage bottle is generally used at the rate of four drops, four times daily, and lasts about one month. This is a typical cycle for emotional change, and it is recommended that you use an essence for at least this period of time to fully experience its impact. The remedies often have a subtle beginning, which gradually becomes more obvious. However, a month is only a general suggestion; many people use flower essences for longer or shorter periods of time than this, with good results. An essence or combination should be discontinued when you feel you have completely absorbed or consciously recognized the benefits which were intended from it.

    Will flower essences make me feel better?

    In the long run, working with flower essences will help you to feel more alive and in touch with your goals, values, and creativity.
    However, the essences do not create euphoria, nor do they banish pain and conflict. They work by stimulating awareness of our conflicts and challenges, and they strengthen our ability to work through the obstacles to our health and growth. Thus, taking flower essences may at times stimulate some discomfort and awareness of pain or conflict. This is a normal part of the journey towards wellness, and can lead to a much more complete state of health than the suppression of pain, or artificial stimulation of feelings through bio-chemical intervention.

    How are flower essences different from homeopathic or herbal products?

    Rather than determining the physical symptoms, flower essences are best chosen by understanding the specific mental or emotional challenges which face you. These remedies are uniquely suited to address this part of your wellness program.

    Do flower essences have physical effects? Can they cure physical illness?

    Flower essences do not work bio-chemically like aspirin does for a headache, but they can affect our experience of our bodies. For example, essences which help release emotional stress may result in less physical tension. Someone who overworks may discover just how tired he or she really is.
    Flower essences can help people who suffer from physical illness by addressing the emotional responses to the illness, and by working with the underlying conflicts and tensions that may have contributed to the onset of the illness. However, flower essences are not cures for any specific illness, and are chosen on the basis of mental and emotional issues, rather than specific physical ailments.

    How do you know that flower essences have the effects that are claimed for them?

    Flower essence properties are first developed through a thorough study of the plants from which essences are made. This study includes the plant's structure and form, growth pattern, colour, relationship to the environment, chemical properties, herbal uses, as well as energetic properties which are perceived in the plant. These qualities are then correlated with specific human emotional patterns. These preliminary indications are then tested in clinical settings by health practitioners. Through their reports our knowledge of the properties of the essences can be revised, expanded, or verified.
    This clinical study of the use of essences is called "empirical" research, or research based on experience. It is also the method by which homeopathic remedies have been verified during the last two centuries. Not all flower essences companies thoroughly research the properties of their flower essences. Therefore customers and stores need to investigate the standards and procedures used to verify the indications of essences they purchase.

    What if my condition is really serious?

    If you have a serious mental or emotional condition, or a known physical medical problem, you should seek the care or advice of a qualified health practitioner. Many health practitioners now include the flower essences in their health programs, or work with other practitioners who do.

    How do I store my flower essences?

    The potency and efficacy of flower essences at the stock level are easy to maintain, when they are stored and used properly. To insure their longevity, please consider the following guidelines:

    *Store essences out of direct sunlight, in a moderate or cool environment.
    *DO NOT store flower essences in close proximity to essential oils, incense or other products with strong aromas. Essential oils and other such products have extremely potent vapours that can gradually penetrate through the dropper tops of the bottles hence causing a “scented” taste and compromising the quality of the essences. [Please note that flower essences can also be beneficially combined with essential oils. However, the flower essences then become united with these other substances and no longer have distinct vibrational patterns.]
    *When ingesting flower essences, do not touch the dropper to your mouth and do not place the dropper on an unclean surface. If in doubt, rinse the dropper in water before replacing it on the bottle.
    *When dispensing from stock bottles of essences, have all the components for your formulation well-organized before you open the bottle, so that that actual time you have the stock bottle open is kept to a minimum.
    *If your long-term storage area for the essences tends to be on the warm side (70ºC or more for prolonged periods of time) it is advisable to store your flower essences upright. In warmer conditions, the alcohol may interact with the rubber dropper, creating a rubber taste in the stock bottle of the flower essence.
    *If stock essences are left open for a considerable length of time or if the cap is not screwed shut properly, the alcohol which acts as a preservative may evaporate. In this condition, flower essences can deteriorate due to microbial contamination. This will be clearly noted in the product—it will smell stale and there may be visible contamination.
    *In adherence with legal regulations, FES is mandated to stamp a lot number and “best by” date on each stock bottle of flower essences. These regulations do not allow more than 10 years from the date of manufacture for such product. However, if the flower essences are used properly, the 10-year shelf life is only a very conservative estimate. If stored and used properly, it is our personal experience—and that of other qualified practitioners throughout the world—that FES flower essences can remain potent for decades.


    Flower Therapy  


    Essence therapy (including Bach flower remedies) for people with cancer using essences

    Essences are usually liquids in small dropper bottles and you drip them on to your tongue. You can also mix them with water and drink them.
    Some types are also available as

    ·         Pills

    ·         Bath salts

    ·         Skin creams

    ·         Sprays


    Why people with cancer use essences

    Some people with cancer find that using essences can help them feel better mentally, emotionally or spiritually. As a result, this may help some people to also feel better physically.
    The aim of using essences is not to prevent, control, or cure cancer or any other physical condition.
    Some people claim that flower remedies can help boost your immune system. There is no scientific evidence to prove this. But many people report that flower remedies are helpful for reducing emotions such as fear, anxiety or depression.
    You can read general information about why people with cancer use complementary therapies

    Research into essences

    There is very little research into how well essences work in helping people feel better but research tends to show that they are safe to use.
    Essences are never used to treat medical conditions. 
    A small number of foreign producers of essences have started to make claims that their products may have physical effects. However British laws don't allow essence therapists to prescribe a treatment for or give advice on cancer. Therapists are also not allowed to use terms that may make the essences seem medicinal, such as 'boosts the immune system' or 'helps you relax'.
    Early studies into essences are not seen as reliable because they tended to look at using essences for medical conditions for which they are never used. Studies since 2007 seem to show that essences can help people feel better and improve their quality of life. They also seem to show that the effect of the essences is not just due to the placebo effect. The placebo effect is a beneficial effect that can occur due to people's expectation that a product will help them.
    The British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association (BFVEA) collects scientific data using a research tool called MYMOP. MYMOP stands for Measure Your Medical Outcome Profile. The BFVEA is using it to see whether essences help to improve clients' emotional wellbeing. The information collected so far seems to show that most people report positive effects from using essence treatments. The BFVEA also carries out research into specific emotional states and are looking at whether essences can help people suffering from feeling overwhelmed.
    Most of the studies have been carried out into flower remedies. You can read about studies into flower remedies on the Cochrane Library website. Type 'flower remedies' into the search box.  
    What using essences involves

    You can buy and use essences yourself without help from a qualified therapist. The remedies come mixed with a very small amount of alcohol. You can dilute them with water, in line with the instructions on the bottles. Or you can drop the liquid directly under your tongue without diluting them. The time taken for people to notice a benefit can vary and everyone's response is unique. Some people may feel quick results while others may find that it takes some time. 
    Many people are familiar with Rescue Remedy, which is a combination of 5 flower essences. The best known brand is Nelsons. There are several other brands and names, including Five Flower Remedy by Healing Herbs and Emergency Essence by Sun Essence and Emergency Essence by Australian Bush Flower Essences. People may use these to try to keep calm in stressful situations, for example, taking an exam or coping with a phobia. 
    There are registered essence practitioners who can suggest the best remedies for your particular problem. They decide which ones to use by looking at your emotional state, not your illness. Your practitioner will ask you how you feel and will also consider your personality type. They may suggest a treatment containing several essences to get the most benefit. 

    The cost of essences

    If you see an essence practitioner, you will need to pay them a fee for the consultation and treatment bottle. 

    Using essences safely

    The essences have no physical effects on the body and are safe to take for adults and children if you use them as instructed. They are safe to use alongside cancer treatments such as surgery, cancer drugs, or radiotherapy. If you are having treatment for cancer it is very important to tell your cancer doctors before using any essences.
    If you need to avoid alcohol remember that many of the remedies contain very small amounts of alcohol. You can talk to your doctor if this is a worry for you. Your essence practitioner can advise you on the best way to avoid alcohol in essence treatments.
    Finding a reliable practitioner

    You need to make sure that you find a reliable practitioner. Essence therapists can join several associations. It is best to 

    ·         Contact the Bach Centre to check the actual Registered Practitioners List.

    ·         Ask them if they’ve worked with cancer patients before.

    ·         Ask the Australian Bush Flower Essences to get information about practitioners.

    All therapists must have a code of conduct and have continual professional development.