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Tarot Reading

You come to me with questions in your head. You do not have to tell me anything, not even your real name if you do not want to. It is important for you not to tell me anything before starting.

There are two different steps in the Tarot Reading.
1)      I talk about past, present, future, goals, along with possibilities or obstacles to face, your actual environment and what goes on in your mind.
2)      We continue with a new shuffle, where we talk about your personality, money, short trips, family, pleasures, work and health, relationships, important documentation, University studies/long trips, friends and people with whom we do not agree.
For around 20 minutes, I will talk while doing the Tarot Reading. After this, you will have 40 minutes left so we can work over more questions. The Tarot Reading, then, lasts for 1 hour. The idea behind the Tarot Reading is to help you connect with the solutions you require to succeed in your goals.
If you feel uncertain, you are welcome to come with friend. However, you must be aware that a Tarot Reading is private and thus should not be shared. I run a respectable and friendly practice where you can feel comfortable. You can also enjoy tea, coffee, cappuccino and cookies while doing the Reading.

Tarot readings can be held in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Dutch language coming soon. 

You can choose to have the Readings through personal visits to my studio, via phone or via Skype. Like any professional consultancy, discretion is adamant and absolute in every single consultation, regardless of how you choose to have it.
For phone and Skype consultations, you can pay via bank transaction or through PayPal. If you reside outside of the Nederlands, PayPal is also available. These consultations require that you pay first and, once the transaction has been confirmed, we can then set up a date and time for the Tarot Reading.
You are welcome to come with a flash drive or a pen drive, so you can take a recording of the Reading home.
I have been doing Tarot Readings for the past 21 years. When I am not traveling, I do Internet consultings with people all over the world.